Episode 12

February 20, 2021


Snow Day(s)!

Snow Day(s)!
Snow Day(s)!

Feb 20 2021 | 00:15:09


Show Notes

In this late-to-air episode, John talks about romance novels and Black History Month.

Books Mentioned:

Not Your #Lovestory, Heartstopper (GN), Instant Karma, The Life of Frederick Douglass (GN), A Promised Land, Courage to Soar, The Mamba Mentality, Track (series), Long Way Down (and GN), Miles Morales, Stamped

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In the first episode, John and Rachel discuss the wide worlds of fantasy along with some of their favorite novels of the genre. The co-librarians share a little about themselves in a Q & A style interview and their unique spaces at WHHS. The final drop is on new titles relevant to racial inequality from various authors.Books Mentioned: Harry Potter (series), Lord of the Rings (series), Chronicles of Narnia (series), Twilight (series), Vampire Diaries (series), Game of Thrones (series), Throne of Glass (series), The Raven Cycle (series), Rick Riordan (author), The Candle and the Flame, The Never Turning World, A Constellation of Roses, Shadow Scent, Song of the Crimson Flower, Caravel, Norse Mythology, Bone Gap, Elantris, The Bible, The New Jim Crow, The Color of Law, White Fragility, Stamped ...



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March 17, 2021

Assistant (to the) Director of Schools

In this episode, John and Rachel highlight titles that resemble the top of their spring bucket list and speak with a guest who has played the role of White House student, teacher, administrator, and more. Listen in for books selected in honor of a founding father.    Books Mentioned: The Sun and Her Flowers, Grass (GN), Woven in Moonlight, Hamilton, Fault Lines in the Constitution (GN), You Call This Democracy? ...